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Lost Dog: A Netflix movie based on a true story in which the main character lived in Chile



The Netflix movie Perro Perdido is in the platform’s top 10. The film tells the story of a young man named Fielding who, after losing his beloved dog Gonker, sets out on a constant search until he finds his whereabouts. The story is based on real events, the real hero of which is Chile, where he lived for 15 years.

This is another film about the close relationship that can exist between animals and humans. missing dog is the name of the production of netflix Tears were shed among the Chilean people.

in the style of Hachiko (2009) and the reason i’m with you (2007), this story is inspired by a true story, which is based on the novel Paul Tutongi phone Dog Gone: The extraordinary journey of a lost pet and the family who brought him home.

directed by Stephen Herek (Seven days and a life) and starring Johnny Berchtold , Rob Lowe world Kimberly Williams-Paisley currently the movie is still #1 of the top 10 most watched titles in Chile .

What is the movie “Lost Dog”?

This movie fielding marshall recently graduated college student, lose Gonker his dog and best friend while hiking on the Apache Trail.

In addition to the pain of losing a pet, Gonker conditions added . this is Addison’s disease its treatment consists of monthly injections to keep it alive.

in that case, finding a dog becomes urgent Fielding and his father, John, join him in his search and have the support of the entire community.

So, You can check the official trailer From the movie “Lost Dog”

true story

fielding marshall adoption Gonker After the death of her daughter and separation from her partner. After that difficult moment, the dog, a Golden Retriever mix, became his most loyal companion.

Like in the movies, while hiking on the Apache Trail, The disappearance of Gonker caused an uproar in the streets. His parents and the media supported the movement until they tracked down the dog.

according to the slogan new york post, 15 days later A police officer informed him that he had seen Gonker eating out of a trash can at the back of the ski resort. the dog was in virginia : I walked about 178 kilometers looking for a house.

The novel on which the film is based is not a biography of the author. But it was his brother-in-law, Pauls Tutongi saved the story.

Lost Dog Movie: The main character lived in Chile

BioBio Chile spoke with the real thing fielding marshall declares an animal and nature lover.

After Gonker’s death in 2003 , marshall came to chile Get to know the country’s rivers. Here he met a married Chilean woman and had his two children born in Concepcion.

Gonker Lost Dog movie
Gonker – @netflixlat

15 years, he and his family lived in Chile but for family reasons, they moved back to Oregon, USA, where they now live.

Commenting on the shock of seeing his story on screen, Fields said: “The first time it was difficult and a little weird. But the second time it was a relaxing and thankful movie.” .

It was a good experience seeing Perro Perdido and his children. “Thank you very much. This movie has a good message of love and family.” Marshall said.

He receives many expressions of endearment from people who share their stories and photos of their pets through social networks.

“[Public love]was very good, but I’m not a hero. There are a lot of heroes out there who are like saviors.” reflects Fielding, who considers himself one of animal lovers.

everyday life and children Gonker owners say it’s hard to re-adopt pets Either way, she now has a cat and hopes to return to Chile soon.

Source: Biobiochile

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