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Macarena Pizarro reacted live to a joke made by Copano in Viña del Mar, disparaging CHV



Nearly six years ago, the comedian dropped his former TV home, Private Channel, as “Cuma.” Pizarro reacted to the situation.

Macarena Pizarro utilized a dedicated note Fabrizio Copano In response to the comedian’s joke at the 2017 edition of the Vina del Mar Festival, He named his channel “cuma”.

Specifically, last Wednesday, the station’s newscast dedicated a report to the comedian in relation to his appearance on James Corden’s Late Show in the United States. was also reviewed.

And to be precise, the channel alluded to a comment Copano made at Viña 2017, where he said: “I worked at Chilevición for a long time. One thing I’d like to say is it’s very Chilevición. Unremarkable, but really.”

“Cilevición must have tried to quote a price for one Power Peralta,” he added on the occasion.

After finishing the news, Pizarro said: “Fabrizio Copano is great. This arrival on James Corden’s Late Show is a great achievement, but he was wrong.

“Cilibicion is not very cool. Chirivicion is very cool. It’s all there is on Pluto TV,” he reviewed.

Fabrizio Copano will be on James Corden’s Late Show this Thursday night, and Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick will also be a guest on the same day.

James Corden’s Late Late Show is one of the most famous primetime shows on American television. In it, the British man conducts interviews and various sketches with famous artists such as Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, and Prince Harry.

Source: Biobiochile

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