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Will there be a kiss between Ivette Vergara and Eduardo Fuentes in Olmué?: Festival entertainer reveals it



The traditional kiss that entertainers at various summer festivals usually give each other has been extinguished for almost two years due to the pandemic. I made it clear whether I thought it wasn’t.

the fire opens tonight Ormue Waso Festival 2023 through the screen TVN radio signal with radio bio bio driven by journalists Yvette Vergara and Eduardo Fuentes .

in a conversation with BioBio Chilecontest entertainers revealed one of the most common questions haunting the summer season. Do drivers kiss each other?

This is a tradition that has been repeated at various festivals such as Viña and Las Condes, both of which have been televised. Nevertheless, This practice did not exist for several years due to the Covid pandemic .

Will there be kisses between entertainers at the Ormue Waso Festival?

For this reason, entertainers Ivette Vergara and Eduardo Fuentes have revealed what will happen at the Patagual festival on Thursday night.

“I’ve talked to Eduardo about it, but it depends on whether the public wants it. If not, I’m not going to force it.” started by saying Ivette Vergara.

He added: But we’re going to play to have a good time. If that happens, we’ve had a few private rehearsals.” he said with a laugh.

In light of this, Eduardo Fuentes added: It used to be banned due to the pandemic, so we have to see what people say. If people say so, we are not going to force it. We are all PCRed and vaccinated. It’s not a metaphor, it’s the real meaning.” Said.

However, the animators mentioned not only traditional kisses, but also how they prepared for the event.

Yvette Vergara dress

The TVN hostess told BioBioChile that choosing her wardrobe is her favorite part: “I love that part. I always say it’s like playing Cinderella when I attend this kind of festival.” .

“I was really worried about the dressing room, We have worked with Victor McQueen and Macarena Montaner, who also offer different color and texture proposals. I also have a lot of work to do, so I hope people love it,” he revealed.

However, he refused to reveal details of the costume as it would be a surprise to the public. “many colors” .

Eduardo Fuentes Favorites

Driver, meanwhile, revealed which artists he most wanted to see tonight. I performed Zumbare at the Cherry Blossom Festival and I know it’s a phenomenon,” he began.

However, he added: “A la Nacy is someone I really want to meet. I love humor so it will always be my favorite number.” he revealed.

Ormue Waso Festival will be broadcast from 10 pm from this Thursday TVN world radio bio bio completely live and free.

Source: Biobiochile

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