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1,000 Hand-stitched Sparkles: Paulina Alvarado and Her Iconic Look at the Ormue Waso Festival



Journalists came to rock backstage at the Ormue Waso Festival in dresses inspired by the classic “jungle dress” Jennifer Lopez wore in the late ’90s.

This Thursday, the Waso de Ormue Festival kicks off. Famous artists and comedians will be featured during the next four days in Pattagar. But in addition to the show, the style also stood out, such as that of journalist Paulina Alvarado.

The communicator responsible for the behind-the-scenes animation of the event stood out in the first moments of the program. She arrived wearing a dress that featured glitter and a neckline.

in a conversation with BioBio Chile originalhave a nice weekend In addition to detailing the dress, he mentioned the pros and cons of wearing it during the day behind the scenes.

“A dress made by Bernardo Santander with his boyfriend in his atelier in Santander. Twelve meters of fuchsia chiffon and a thousand glitters are carefully hand-placed one by one. ” he emphasized.

Alvarado admits he doesn’t know the exact weight of the clothes, but assures him that it’s “not that heavy” in his senses.

He also said that he “Inspired by a dress Jennifer Lopez wore years ago Late ’90s: The classic juggle dress when it comes to necklines”.

That dress, that voice single woman Until the early 2000s, not only leaf-shaped green prints, Multiple openings and necklines turned it into a garment that highlighted the artist’s style.

It is for this particular design that Alvarado highlights a major challenge. You have to be careful not to get entangled, walk well, and stand upright so that you don’t move from the spot.” .

“There are also some ancestral techniques used in these dresses that make them look perfect and feel good at the same time, which is very important,” she points out. , It’s not that complicated once you know how to hold it. ”

Anticipating what would happen the next night, Alvarado noted that the outfit had been planned for a month. Depends entirely on country design.

Paulina Alvarado and her role at the Ormue Waso Festival

Alvarado is responsible for the Backstage animation by Esteban Leal.Regarding this role in Patagul, Communicator Highlight the challenge of being one of the stars of the night.

“To tell the truth, behind the scenes of an event as important as the Ormue Waso Festival, without broadcasting or ending, the boss chose me and Esteban Leal to animate. I felt very honored ” he pointed out.

About his feelings, he admitted:We are nervous and anxious, but we are very excited I hope you start later because it’s really very interesting.

“I am happy, satisfied and ready to go on air,” said Paulina Alvarado just before the broadcast began.

Source: Biobiochile

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