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From Ferrari and Rolex reservations to Casio noise: Shakira Pique controversy rocks companies



“Publicity” can fall from the sky on companies with specific brand positioning. But is it always positive? Not all react in the same way.

of song of Shakira It has over 150 million views on YouTube.

Pique’s comparison to the current couple Casio watch and Twingo We’ve gone viral on these brands. Marketing expert Carlos Canto analyzes this kind of free advertising. propaganda “Will they make higher sales? Let’s see”.

A startling fact, reflecting research on the subject conducted by the Sammy Alliance, a global alliance of marketing and communications companies, is that conversations over picket figures generated on social networks are virtually 3 times than when he announced his retirement as a football player last November.

This time, the former football player and businessman was mentioned 168,000 times.

This same study came to the following conclusions: Casio and Twingo brands improved audience perception of them Additionally, there have been over 400,000 mentions on social networks between the two. 71% of them came from Latin America and the remaining 29% from Spain.

Points of Casio

Casio, on the other hand, leads the pack with the brands mentioned in the song (also featuring Twingo, Rolex and Ferrari). Increased follower growth 100,000 new things on social media, Instagram.

Carlos Cantó, member of the Spanish Marketing Association and CEO of SPGS Consulting, a company that provides solutions in the world of sports sponsorships, said: “Notoriety for notoriety is just giving you a name. It’s just the first step towards achieving your goals.” addition.

This kind of free advertising that falls from the sky, the marketing world has named it propaganda To distinguish paid advertising from “advertising”. Cantó recalls, “It’s not the extent of this case, but it happens regularly.” accurately, Songs, along with movies, are one of the places where it happens most often.

Casio has significantly increased its social network follower count. But in the face of this fact, Kant asks himself a series of questions. we will see. Does this mean more sales? we will see. All these new followers, will he still be around a month from now?

In this sense, Kant explains: “Brand strategy is not designed overnight, it involves many things.” “It’s important to be sustainable over the long term,” he said, adding that “brands break quickly but take a long time to grow.”

Ferrari and Rolex, no response

When it comes to reactions to songs, the brands involved have different strategies. Ferrari and Rolex do nothing directly (at least publicly).

In fact, Twingo is not responding either. However, Piquet will not appear on his own initiative in this model Renault in his League of Kings, his seven-a-side football competition using the ‘streamers’ he created and which he chairs. took responsibility for raising awareness.

The former Barcelona footballer’s actions were most surprising due to the fact that another car brand, the Spanish Cupra, is what gave the Kings League pitch its name.

but, Casio has been an active participant in the repercussions of Bizarapp and Shakira’s songs Although less than I thought at first.

The Japanese watch brand published a post on its Instagram account on Jan. 12, referencing a passage on the theme, with the phrase, “I love how this makes us splash.” However, he denies having signed a sponsorship deal with Piqué in the King’s League. News that the former player announced last Friday in his Twitch livestream with Casio in hand.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned recently after reading your comments, it’s that Casio is a brand loved by and around the world. We are not an official sponsor of either side. We are committed to a space of respect and harmony.” Casio wrote in a post on his Instagram account this Wednesday, 18.

“So, whether you’re a ‘King’, a wolf, or a Pikachu, it shows that you belong to Cassio,” he added.

Piquet’s busy life means that the controversy surrounding the song wasn’t the only high point of his week.

this time too Two related news stories about its business side are known. Meeting with FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta to play the Kings League final at the Camp Nou on the weekend of 25 and 26 March, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has canceled its contract with Cosmos, the organization of the Davis Cup For, a company headed by Piquet.

Source: Biobiochile

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