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Comedian Known as ‘Nougat’ Appears on TV to Confess Complicated Health: ‘Little Left’



The comedian spoke with Juan Pablo Queralto for a few minutes and assured him that he had a heart attack and 80% of his heart was damaged.

this morning Juan Pablo Queralt He was in Cartagena and spoke with some people who were on vacation there.In a place where I was surprised by a comedian Mario Moreno, who many years ago became known as “Nougat”.

according to the 4tha member of the instance millennium show He explained that he has been experiencing some health issues in his last period.

“We are in a completely different mood. We have the Millennium Show for a while. Well, not much left, but we’re pretty good.” Opportunity exposed.

Nougat Health Issues

The phrase piqued the curiosity of Keralt, who consulted the comedian about this of his. I was sensitive to my health. I had the surgery on December 20th. “I have had an acute myocardial infarction and my heart is 80% irreversible.” “Nougat,” he replied.

“I have 20% and it’s always up. We left on January 3rd. I have to behave. I don’t smoke or drink,” he added after a few seconds.

“Pull up, take advantage of the last remaining time”, finished

Towards the end, the comedian claimed to have been busy with various deals lately, and assured that he “felt shut out of television.”

For the reasons mentioned above, Juan Pablo Queralt told him, “The doors of Chirivicion are open.”

It is worth noting that the Millennium Show was a huge success at the 2001 Viña del Mar Festival, leaving the audience in Quinta Vergara to cheers.

Source: Biobiochile

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