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Treating seemingly banal affairs as a facade for thinking about higher forces and powers



Premiere in Trieste SSG

The Slovenian Permanent Theater (SSG) is showing the play Something in the Air, based on the novel Zadnje gibalo from the collection Al Araf by Vladimir Bartol.

It thematizes a society based on the power of capital, the neurosis before the loss of social status, the abuse of hierarchical relationships in the workplace, mobbingprecariat.

Playwright Simon Hammer she adapted a novella The last moverwhich is the last chapter of the collection Al Araf from the 1930s, in which the Trieste-based writer Bartol deals with the questions of a man living in an uncertain time between the world wars in a wide range of style and content. The novel was staged by a Serbian director Anđelka Nikolic.

The play will run until February 5 on the stage in Trieste, followed by a one-time repeat on February 6 within the subscription season in Gorica. All replays will be equipped with Italian subtitles.

In the stories from the collection, fantasy, philosophy, psychoanalysis and love are intertwined. The novella chosen offers a multi-layered reading in contrast with an almost vaudeville portent.

The work tells about a love triangle between an entrepreneur, his wife, secretary and business consultant. The treatment of seemingly banal affairs is only a facade of the real intention of the author, who thinks about the higher forces and powers that guide the actions and lives of every person. Anton and Ilonka A snackLeopold Stieglitz and Vera live in fear of losing a certain status, which is confirmed by a recognizable role in business or partner relationships, they wrote in the theater.

Photo: SSG Trieste

The original literary text takes into account a fairly conservative social structure in which a woman has a clearly defined place, which is why, as they wrote in SSG, it is significant that a woman took over the direction and adaptation. Simon Hammer is a dramatist, winner of the Grum Prize, who is collaborating with SSG for the second time. For the first time, the Trieste theater is directed by Anđelka Nikolić, who has received several awards for her directing, including Sterile award. She also created the scenography for this project.

In the roles of spouses A snack will perform Primož Forte and Nikla Petruška Panizonand guest actors in the role of Leopold Stieglitz and Vera Jernej Čampelj and Sara Gorše.

She is a costume designer Mateja Čibejchoreographer Bojana Robinsondesigner of light Strong Varmuž. The original music was written by a musician from Trieste Igor Toothwho will perform as a member of the cast with live performances on piano and accordion.

Photo: SSG Trieste

As they wrote in the theater, the novella was written at a time when the author was dealing with political and personal doubts related to the pre-war tension and the rise of dictatorships in Europe, but also to the end of a love story with an actress from the Trieste theater Nado Gabrijelčič. The almost comical, light-hearted image of the performance speaks of helplessness protagonistsbut it has a very current sign in relation to today’s conditions and the confusion of modern man, who is at all costs a slave to successful image.

On the 120th anniversary of Bartolo’s birth, SSG will honor the internationally renowned Trieste writer with this performance, as well as his attitude to the theater of his hometown, where he also went as a publicist.

Source: Rtvslo

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