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Little Viejo does his own session in the style of Shakira and Bizarap



Salvadoran YouTuber Ivan Bustillo, known as Little Viejo, is back for one of his hilarious parodies. This time the influencer has created his own version of Shakira and Bizarap’s new song which has been trending for the past few days.

With his characteristic humor and always trying to deliver a positive message to his followers, Little Viejo dedicated his session to the topic of procrastination, the bad habit of procrastination.

The YouTuber also mimicked Shakira’s dance in Bizarrap Music Session #53 and the original video’s aesthetic to depict people procrastinating on homework with sarcasm.

“I’m going to give up on my goals for another year so I’m like ugh…” the YouTuber sings in her version. Her song titled “Procrastination Session #53” is on YouTube and already has over 48,000 views, the first Salvadoran parody of Shakira’s new song. Watch the video here:

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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