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Nuria Tomas: What happened to the woman Pique left for Shakira?



At the age of 35, the wounds of the past heal.At least that’s what Gerard Pique’s former partner hinted at after the former Catalan footballer made headlines after breaking up with Shakira.

photo of kissing in the pool between Gerard Pique and Nuria Thomas which is now circulating, but is a very different thing for both, as they both went their separate ways.

The aforementioned happened in 2010, when Shakira and the former Spanish footballer 2010 South African Football World Cup .

A spark between the Colombian and a former defender of the Spanish national team ended his relationship with Hamm’s businessman’s daughter, Enrique Tomas.

spanish media Pioneer He’s one of those who tracked the then-23-year-old’s reaction to gracefully breaking her silence about the situation with her ex-partner years later.

But since Piqué and Shakira’s relationship ended, public attention has turned to the woman again, building her life and (almost) always showing discretion.

Nuria Tomas: end of relationship with Pique

South Africa 2010 It was a great event for the Spaniards. The champion of football his world his cup was crowned and their team was the hero of the whole country and its partners.

Nuria Tomas was Gerard Pique’s girlfriend, though their relationship was rather low-key. World Cup song interpreter Shakira had a complicated conversation with Argentina’s Antonio de la Rua.

The paths of football player and singer were joined in a peculiar way.According to tabloids, the crash video recording of Wakawaka (Africa this time) .

By then Piqué had promised to dedicate the win to his girlfriend Nuria. But a strong current changed its course. One mojito, two mojitos, and Shakira fell into Pique’s blue eyes.

Piqué and Shakira: The couple who left De La Rua and Nuria Tomas out of the game

Nuria Tomas and Gerard Piqué took a break after the footballer’s return. What could happen? He came back the same as before. It had nothing to do with his victory, but he conquered.

It turns out that weeks passed before it became known about the new mediating relationship between Shakira and Pique. became official in March 2011 A native of Barranquilla left her boyfriend and Antonio de la Rua with whom he had a tumultuous 10-year relationship.

De la Rua, a great inspiration for singers who dedicated songs like her to her Anytime, anywhere. RCN in Colombia.

A woman identified as Marina Gallo claimed to have had a six-year relationship with an Argentinian while he was the singer’s manager.

But it was different with Piquet’s girlfriend. He, like his partner, has decided to withdraw from the public eye. It wasn’t until a few years later that he said a few words about the footballer.

In 2010, Piqué started a relationship with Shakira and left Nuria Tomas
@nuria_tomas / Instagram / uwInfobae

“Good person”

According to Spanish media, the only way to learn about the private life of Nuria Tomás, the woman Piqué left for Shakira, was through her Instagram account.

However, his privacy remained intact regarding the breakup.

But in 2017, La Vanguardia got some word from her about her relationship with Gerard Pique. He maintained a cautious response, but enough to know what he was thinking seven years after his courtship with the Catalan ended.

“(Pique is) a good person and I have to wish good people well,” he said in response to Shakira’s farewell question after he emerged into his life as a footballer. Based in Barcelona, ​​where he lived with his partner and 4-year-old son Milan.

“The wound has been closed for years and I have been praying for the best for him for years. .” , was sentenced. was all he had to say.

But after a while, she was going to reveal a little more, with a date that was pretty singular for Piqué and Shakira.

Nuria Tomas documentary

On her Instagram account, the delicatessen businesswoman (who followed in her father’s footsteps) continues to demonstrate a life of constant change.

during the pandemic She married businessman Agus Puig Gibernau As she herself said in 2017, once the wounds of the past have healed, it’s time to start a family like Piqué and Shakira did, with two kids in between.

But the 35-year-old seemed to have more to say about her life and, more specifically, the episodes that marked her life before and after her birth.

Therefore he Shooting a documentary series one in a thousand stories as reported by the Spanish media world.

It was impressive that Nuria announced the premiere of the piece at the same time that Shakira and Gerard Pique broke up after 12 years of dating.

“So many people know me, or the most publicly talked about thing about me… A friend came into my life who was a friend before and we’ve been a couple ever since. ” about the Catalan footballer.

Likewise, he talks about his business life and the not-so-pleasant experiences that marked his life forever.

Pique’s ex-girlfriend Nuria Tomas now

The break between Shakira and Pique, more media coverage, along with the song for a man like you, Nuria Tomas brought a new wave of attention from the public. Tomas visits her Instagram to find out what happened to her life during the tumultuous moment of her ex-partner and his girlfriend, Clara Chia.

A barrage of media, working with Argentinian producer Bizarrap, is perfect for this triangle with its Shakira theme.

For Spanish mothers for the second time, the situation is clearly different.

His life revolves around family and work. While she seems to avoid her controversy, the comments pouring in on her post continue to link her with her past.

“You were looking for someone like Piqué,” assured one of his followers who spotted a similarity between the footballer and businessman Agus Puig Gibernau.

Not an answer from Nuria. His silence has remained his best response over the years.

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