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‘He abused the producer’: María José Bello on Raquel Argandña’s accident at ‘Bazaar’



The ‘You Are My Treasure’ actress experienced an uncomfortable moment when she was a guest on the Cirque du Soleil show ‘Bazaar’. A seat reserved for her and her family because Argandona and her friends refused to leave her seat. relocate.

National actress, radio host Maria Jose Bello he spoke of an unpleasant accident he had with a TV host Raquel Argandona when the two were on the show “Bazaar” by Cirque du Soleil this Friday.

According to what we have collected 7 pagesthe situation would have arisen When the interpreter for “Quintralara” was left with a seat reserved for the radio host and his family ,Also Refusing to yield when asked to do so by the producer of the event .

“He took my seat and abused the producer. He left us sitting on the stairs.” said Bello as he left the venue at the end of the show.

As I testified to the aforementioned media, uThe production manager asked Raquel Argandona to change to another seat, but she would have refused “in a not-so-good way.” they pointed out.

even the same person He warned Maria José Bello not to confront “La Quintorara”. .

“I didn’t know her personally. I knew she had a reputation for being an outspoken and confrontational woman, but this is something else.” said the actress.

Bello needed five seats for her and her family, according to Página 7, and Argandona occupied four of them when she attended the event with her partner and two friends. For this, They had to sit and wait on the steps of the Espacio Riesco while other seats were assigned .

After this, Maria Jose Bello was able to enjoy the show, but Argandona left the venue after the first intermission.

Source: Biobiochile

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