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Appeals court rejects Matias del Rio’s protective appeal after leaving the nation-state



Last July, TVN decided to remove Matias del Rio as the leader of the nation-state after criticism from one of its board members.

The Santiago Court of Appeal has dismissed a protective appeal filed against the TVN channel’s Board of Directors and Executive Director for removing journalist Matias del Rio from directing the current political program Estado Nacional.

In a unanimous decision, the Eighth Court of Appeals dismissed admissibility of the appeal as premature and declared it unacceptable to impose on the channel the way the judiciary formulates its editorial policy.

Remember last July, TVN was said to have opted to drop the journalist from the show after she criticized the station’s board member Nivia Palma for her lack of impartiality. .

Via Twitter, the former minister referred to the formation of a panel to invite the space on Sunday, revealing the program’s supposed trend towards a ‘reject’ option.All of this would end the proposed new constitution. It took place less than a month after the referendum on

Palma wrote on social networks, “I do not understand and do not share the decision of the ‘Nation-State’ to have four representatives of denial and two representatives of approval on its panel.

After the controversy, the station overturned the decision and reinstated the entertainer. deny,” they said.


On the other hand, the ruling said, “Regarding allegations made by the Chilean National Television, its executive director, and members of the board of directors of the public television station that they have no chance of appeal, both sides are in dispute – and that it is a fact of public notoriety. turned out – the journalist Reopen the program in question and reverse the editorial decisions made at the time. ”

Likewise, they explain that, thus, “the arbitration loses the opportunity because the facts that caused this slander have not continued to materialize since then”.

Returning to work, the resolution said, “this constitutional remedy has the potential to mandate effective measures aimed at restoring threatened rights and, in certain circumstances, , lose the opportunity to know what happened to Matthias del Rio.” Covarrubias”.

“Finally, on the stand, the allegations are facilitated by the appellants and tend to make statements to this court in the way Chilean National Television formulates its editorial policy,” he continued.

Note that after Matthias del Rio returned to the nation-state, TVN realized that the form was incorrect. “I acknowledge that there was an error in the way the action was communicated. We emphasize that we have full confidence in the abilities of all Chilean National Television workers. ” .

In the same way, they note maxims about lack of ethics and censorship. “We do not accept the baseless accusations of lack of ethics against journalist Matthias del Rio, who values ​​the professionalism and commitment to TVN that we value.”

Source: Biobiochile

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