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Tyler Posey on Dylan O’Brien’s absence from ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’: ‘Scott will miss him’



The actor spoke to BioBioChile about Dylan O’Brien’s absence in the new Teen Wolf movie, about when he nearly played another famous werewolf, and Crystal Reed’s return to fiction.

Actor Dylan O’Brien in the background Stiles Stilinski in the series teenage wolfwill not return to his role for the next film to be released by Paramount+ about the absence of characters, Tyler Posey talked about how his best friend in fiction takes Scott McCall .

of “Teen Wolf The Movie”, the plot has a time jump of 15 years and everything has changed. One of his most obvious changes is that the story this time around focuses on Scott his McCall’s life in Los Angeles, far from Beacon his Hills.

Absence of Dylan O’Brien Teen Wolf: The Movie

Another change in fiction is Absence of Stiles Stilinski played by Dylan O’Brien It was the werewolf’s best friend in the series.

in a conversation with varietythe actor explained why he won’t be returning to the project: “It was something I was trying to do well, but everything happened so fast. We weren’t quite sure what was going on, but they threw everything at us.” “He explained, referring to the scheduling problem.

now in conversation BioBio ChilePosey touched on how his character will take Styles’ absence.

“Of course you will miss him. . Scott misses Styles even when they’re not in the same room but he wants to think Stiles still has a job as an FBI agent. Styles will always be in her life. “, he argued.

When Tyler Posey Almost Played Jacob in Twilight

The American actor also talked about when he nearly impersonated another werewolf, Jacob De, in a movie twilightIt was in a recent interview that Posey revealed information that he was certainly one of the favourites, but lost out to friends and colleagues. Taylor Lautner .

Regarding the difference between both characters, Tyler explains: “Scott becomes a werewolf, but Jacob was born a werewolf, so Scott has 15 years of human experience.” .

He added: And so far I have been a misfit. He was unpopular and stuck in a strange place, but was transformed into a werewolf, which allowed him to branch out. ”

Crystal Read’s Return to Fiction

Despite Styles’ absence, it’s the actress behind who returns Allison in the series of teenage wolf, crystal lead This turned out to be even more unusual in the 2017 production, as the character dies in Scott McCall’s (Tyler Posey) arms.

After returning home, Posey said: “Working with Crystal Reed is always wonderful. We became very close while filming the series, but we hadn’t seen each other in years after she left (…) as an adult. It’s great to be working together again.” .

However, Alison’s return could be very different for her character. “He doesn’t know what to think at first. How will you react? Losing the love of your life. It’s been 15 years. You accept that he’s gone. Life is Gone, and she comes back.You really don’t know how to react.” .

“It’s very confusing for Scott because he doesn’t know if it’s true or what it is, but clearly in his heart he always loved Allison and wanted to see her again. I am thinking.” he concluded.

Tyler Posey will reprise his role as Scott McCall in the sequel teenage wolfopen this Friday, January 27th via streaming Paramount+ .

Source: Biobiochile

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