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Holland Rhoden and Sherri Hennig before ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ premiere: ‘It’s fair to say we have an answer’



After 5 years since the last episode of ‘Teen Wolf’, the actresses are making a comeback with a sequel movie. Because of this, they told BioBioChile about what happened to the character in her 15-year-old jump.

actresses Holland Roden world sherry henning they talked BioBio Chile About the release of the sequel teenage wolfwhere (almost) the entire “herd” returns to their respective roles and to Beacon Hills.

In fiction with a 15-year time jump, Roden returns to play Lydia Martin, the group’s banshee.

In fact, in his role The actress recognized the death of Alison, a character returning to the film As to whether his ability could have been overlooked, Holland said: “A banshee definitely feels death, but not resurrection.” he replied humorously.

Secondly, sherry henning (Fictional Maria Tate) mentioned what happened to her relationship with Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) during this time jump.

“They spent some time apart. Scott left Beacon Hills, Maria didn’t. Maybe there’s a grudge there,[because]Maria wanted to stay. ” began to count.

“She was a packer and was taught not to be selfish, so she she did it and people dumped her so i think she She’s so excited that there’s a reason everyone has to go back[to Beacon Hills]but instead creates an awkward reunion. After all the time has passed,” he is done.

The artist also Dylan O’Brien In return of werewolf tapes: “We definitely miss him. I think it’s only fair that fans have some answers about her character and her history with others.” Holland Rhoden said.

Holland Rhoden (Lydia Martin) and Shelly Henning (Maria Tate) return to their original roles in the series teenage wolf For the next movie sequel to release this Friday, January 27th of Paramount+ .

Source: Biobiochile

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