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Kate Hudson launches new sportswear, criticized for revealing buttocks



Actress Kate Hudson’s sportswear line launched a product that was criticized and went viral on social networks.

A new sports product for women has gone viral this week as comments have been made about its shape. about leggings leggings In a rare design that is part of actress Kate Hudson’s new clothing collection founded a sportswear company a few years ago.

This design has attracted the attention of netizens. Due to specific openings in the sides and pelvic area exposing underwear underneath Criticism indicates that the product offers little comfort for its primary purpose, exercise.

This isn’t the first time the sports line has released such clothing. actually, These leggings also made headlines when singer Lizzo wore them last October. To promote another brand in the same category.

Another detail that wasn’t overlooked was the The name of the garment ‘Spotlight Shaping Ass Out Capri’ translates to ‘Shaping the buttocks’ in Spanish an expression many people found rude and offensive.

In addition to this, the sporty factor It is also expensive at around $85, which translates to around $56,000 in Chilean pesos. .

at this point, The 2001 Oscar-nominated actress has not addressed the controversy, and the leggings are now available online. where models wear them in heels, another detail an internet user asked.

Most of the comments defined the clothes as useless and not comfortable at all, Some justified it by pointing out that it might be a practice dress. pole dance because the upper part of the leg must be uncovered to perform the operation.

Source: Biobiochile

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