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Paris Hilton’s dream came true, she became a mother



She and Carter Reum were married in November 2021

Reality star, hotel heiress and businesswoman Paris Hilton became a mother for the first time. She and her husband, Carter Reum, became parents to a boy through a surrogate mother. His name has not yet been released.

The 41-year-old long-time member of the American social elite, who years ago also tried her hand at singing, posted a photo on Instagram of a baby clinging to her hand with his fingers. She wrote next to it: “We love you more than you can imagine.” She then confirmed the news about motherhood in an interview with the magazine People. She said: “I’ve always dreamed of being a mom. I’m so happy Carter and I found each other. We’re thrilled to be a family, our hearts are filled with love for our little boy.”

Blonde Paris has already said several times in previous interviews that she and her husband want to start a family and that they are during the pandemic covid-19 started the process of artificial insemination. “Everything was more difficult because this was happening at the height of the epidemic, when the whole world practically came to a standstill. We knew that more than anything else we wanted a child, but on the other hand, the timing of the closure of public life was ideal. In normal times, 250 days a year I spend on airplanes, and then we could take our time and devote ourselves completely to the process,” she said.

Paris Hilton and Carter Rheumatism – both 41 years old – got engaged in February 2021 after a year of dating, and got married in a three-day celebration in November of the same year. They have known each other for a long time, as they are longtime friends. Rheumatism is a writer and businessman.

“During the pandemic, I was able to get to know Paris even more thoroughly and I am overjoyed that she is my wife and partner. She shines with kindness, and she is also very hard-working and kind-hearted. She wants to use her voice and influence to make the world a better place . I am sure that this will be her goal as a mother as well.” he said last year.

In an interview last year, Paris said that she wanted twins the most, and that she wanted three or four children in total.

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