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Rafael Garay will be a witness for Cecilia Gutierrez in the trial against Ivan Nunez: ex-wife will also attend



The economist and Nunez’s ex-wife will testify on the side of Cecilia Gutierrez at the trial.

on Wednesday this week, Ivan Nunez He has filed a lawsuit against Cecilia Gutierrez and Sergio Rojas for slander and slander.

In that sense, the two, who were asked to testify in favor of the entertainment reporter, Marlene de la Fuente, ex-wife of Ivan Núñez, Rafael Garay, ex-partner of The Communicator.

According to the sources of BioBio Chile On this day, the evidence submitted by Gutierrez was also accepted.

The trial between the parties will begin on August 7th. Former member of the Chilevisión press department does not testify

Rafael Garay and Ivan Nunez reunite

The newsreader filed a lawsuit after Rojas and Gutierrez spoke on their Instagram program about their father’s role after their separation from de la Fuente in 2020.

Some of their statements indicated that the communicators would have stopped paying alimony, “brought them out of Isapule in the middle of the pandemic” and refused to meet them.

Due to the above, Nunez has filed the aforementioned lawsuit. The three have already held talks in court, but nothing has come to fruition.

Without going any further, the face of TVN He did not accept Rojas’ public apology, but the prescription appeal presented by Gutierrez was dismissed.

Note that Iván Núñez and Rafael Garay had a business relationship several years ago. rice field.

“He informed me that he had a private investment fund (…) I didn’t ask him., dollars, and stocks of emerging market companies,” Nunez testified at the 2018 trial. Did.

Source: Biobiochile

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