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Catalina Pulido reveals eating disorder she suffered years ago: ‘I’m fatphobic, I assume it’



Pulido referred to the complications he had for several years on television. “We are artists. I was on TV, but when he watches TV, he gains 10 kilos,” he said.

Catalina Pulido opened up to Patti Maldonado. programmatically Indomitableabout eating disorders since appearing on TV.

It all started when the actress showed a photo of her on stage in a Chilean soap opera, surprising her program partners. He has since revealed some details of those years.

“I will have an eating disorder for the rest of my life. I suffered from anorexia and was a bulimic all my life. I have to assume I’m not Lolita. Previously, I fasted for 3 days and lost 25 kilos. That is no longer the case,” he said.

Catalina Pulido’s story

In this sense, the actress claimed that the most complicated years she had were when she remained on television in both national productions and shows.

“I care less and less, plus I have a partner who loves me for who I am because One of the big problems[with eating disorders]is your environment that puts pressure on you. We are artists and I was on TV, but when I watch TV I gain 10 kilos,” he explained.

Catalina Pride is very thin

“I’m fatphobic, I assume that. Now, I’ve never been obese, but more than weight, it’s about feeling agile and healthy for me,” she added.

Finally, Catalina Pulido spoke about the stage Maldonado showed at that time and assured her that she was more recovered at that time.

“That’s where I was already better. I lost five or six kilos from there and I was already recovering. I keep it just to remember how sick I was,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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