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Naya Fasil faces questions about raffle delay in her division: ‘There was a mistake’



This young lady indicated she had administrative problems with the $1 million raffle, but the deadline was within the stipulated time.

The winners of the influencer raffle were to be announced at the end of last year Naya Easy The person who drew the lottery for the apartment. However, this entity has lagged behind and the young woman is subject to questioning pointing to suspected fraud.

Therefore, the influencer himself decided to create a video explaining the situation on Instagram. It didn’t mention the money earned while selling the number.

“This is the first raffle I’ve ever done in my life for property and I did it without legal advice, so there were a lot of mistakes on my part,” he said.

According to what was announced by public meterthe base of that raffle stipulated that numbers would be sold until November 28, but this was extended by 45 days because the goal was not met.

Ultimately, the sale ended on December 31 after the website maintenance cost exceeded expectations and exceeded P10 million. Therefore, the lottery will be canceled.

“When I found the notary, without asking him, here came the important and basic part. Out of emotion, we have automatically published the date of the raffle, which will go live in the second week of January.” I commented.

“I’m sorry for being so irresponsible, It was my own decision without me checking the dates, consulting legally, consulting a lawyer, a notary public or an accountant. I did not honor the base dates stipulated on the website,” he added.

At that moment, Naya Fรกcil confirmed that the money received after the draw would also have to be taxed and promised to provide a new date as soon as possible.

“I haven’t touched any of the raffle money. Until you pay the corresponding tax. After legally handing over the apartment and all the prizes, I will only receive my corresponding money,” he said.

“I would like to publicly apologize to all participants for breaking my promise due to feelings and giving a date that was not completely irresponsible for me for not consulting. It was out of fear and ignorance about launching ,โ€ he concludes.

Source: Biobiochile

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