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‘It’s not good’: Margot Robbie reveals what she used in ‘Babylon’ to simulate cocaine in scene



In an interview, actress Margot Robbie confessed what characters in the movie “Babylon” actually used in scenes inhaling drugs, especially cocaine. I also explained on the tape what I replaced with.

A few days ago the movie was released in theaters. Babylon ,starring Brad Pitt , diego bald world Margot Robbie the actress revealed what she actually used to simulate drugs in several scenes of the film.

For context, the director’s tape Damien Chazelle It’s set in old Hollywood where sound has just made its way into the movies. The production deals with decadence, scandalous excesses, and the downfall of some industry stars.

of Babylonplayed by Robbie Nellie Laroy the young aspiring actress is immersed in this world of unbridled entertainment, where her characters regularly consume drugs and cigarettes.

The film portrays the wild side of the time, so there are scenes that mostly show crazy parties, orgies, nudity, and unbridled drug use. cocaine And since these substances cannot be included in the array, they must be replaced.

in media interviews buzzfeedMargot Robbie said that what they inhale is actually vitamin b powder In addition, for decoration, the production team uses icing sugar Also baby laxative powder .

The Australian actress admitted that having to snort fake medicine when recording a scene was difficult. “Yeah, it’s a waste” confessed.

Also, because her character is a smoker and has a hoarse voice (which the actress doesn’t have in real life), she had to smoke fake cigarettes all the time to get the right tone.

“I have nicotine-free cigarettes on set,” Harley Quinn’s interpreter said.
of Suicide Squad.

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