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‘Clearly he wants a remix’: Gerard Piqué uploads photo with Clara Chia after infidelity rumors



The former footballer has shared a photo with a young woman for the first time on social networks. Users never stopped sharing their reactions.

Days after Shakira’s viral song, various international media outlets began spreading rumors of a new alleged infidelity of former footballer Gerard Pique. He shared a photo with Clara Chia for the first time on social networks.

Specifically, an athlete uploaded a photo to her Instagram profile and found a young woman taking the photo with a slight smile. Pique reacts with a different smile when she approaches Chia’s face.

Shakira’s ex-partner didn’t write anything in the publication, In just a few minutes, various users started responding various Internet users wanted to joke with the image.

So there were various comments such as: “You answered 3 songs with pictures” “Shakira is on her way to Visa Studios again”; “Obviously wants a remix” and “Those who are afraid to die should not be born”.

This is the first time Piquet has shared an image with his current partner. Both will focus on the controversy surrounding infidelity accusations against Colombian artist Shakira.

Until I close this notebook The image received over 600,000 likes in less than 40 minutes.

The Controversy Over Pique and Clara Chia

Despite the fact that Shakira and Piqué confirmed their separation in June 2022, it wasn’t until weeks after the breakup that the then-footballer was seen with Clara Chia.

The couple continued together without mentioning any issues. Various media outlets started pairing Piquet with Julia Puig according to a young lawyer who would have worked on the divorce from former footballer Shakira. Infofly.

According to the media, Piqué would have been unfaithful to professional cheerleaders, they would have already had an affair years ago the fact that his love situation was in jeopardy.

This would be one of Piquet’s first reactions to the rumors. meaning that his relationship with Claratia is official.

Similarly, the athlete had already reacted to her ex-partner’s explosive singing a few weeks earlier. Claimed he was under contract with Casio as well as driving a Renault Twingo both alluding to Colombian letters.

Source: Biobiochile

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