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‘No family destroyed here’: Monica Godoy mentions breakup with Nicolas Saavedra



The actress assured that the break occurred months before it went public in show business. We share it,” he assured.

Chilean actress Monica Godoy has openly addressed her breakup with translator Nicolas Saavedra. Denying rumors of enmity between the two said that despite the end of their relationship, “no family was destroyed here.”

In a conversation with sara magazineGodoy recalls his break with Saavedra published in May 2022, and also points out that The breakup happened “many months before it became apparent”.

The interpreter began by denying speculation that even the actress decided to live in Spain with her daughters. A lot of information that is not available from the original source is taken for granted. ”

“I’m not going to live in Spain. I have a good relationship with the country I love it so much and I do other kinds of things that aren’t professional, so I go back and forth. And my daughters are still very young,” he said.

When speaking about their separation, Godoy pointed out that it all happened in a show business show. Spain came out and it was a snowman.”

He also assured that they had never considered making an official statement before. we wanted to calm things down for our daughters. ”

But the speculation didn’t end there, adding, “The curiosity and interest is understandable.” rice field.

“The other day, news came out that we met again, we never found each other. We talk and share every day. I know it’s better to have something outrageous, but that’s not the case,” he explained.

Godoy was consulted about the shock that caused her breakout in the public and on social networks, and laughingly convinced her and Saavedra. “We were like an eternal couple.”

“22 years in the making today! But we are deeply grateful for that love and respect. It took months for it to come to light. ” he argued.

Similarly, he said, “This grief occurs when relationships are very disposable, but we understand that we and our daughters are very well and that everything is flowing in harmony.” I asserted that (…) Families are not destroyed here, only lifestyles have changed. it’s not a topic. ”

Source: Biobiochile

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