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‘I’m the culprit’: Adriano Castillo tells why his 30-year relationship with Beatriz Alegre ended



The actor mentioned the breakdown of his relationship that happened in 2021. And he affirmed that it was all due to carelessness on his part with the relationship. I assure you that we are in a relationship.

After reporting the end of his 30-year relationship with Beatrice Alegre in 2021, Actor Adriano Castillo reveals why he broke up said he was responsible in the end.

An iconic actor known as “Compadre Moncho” for his character in . venegas talked to the media timeWhere Two years after the breakup, he wanted to create a meat diet.

“Our breakup was due to my mistake. I was the one who, after about 20 years (of the relationship), first started doing what he was doing: Forget the minutiae of feeding and maintaining a relationship. ” he assured.

Similarly, Castillo argued that: “I was very careless and I was the culprit in the relationship. , because Beatrice is a wonderful woman. ”

Asked about his current relationship with Alegre, Castillo doesn’t share much today, but We continue to have pleasant exchanges.

We haven’t been in touch lately. She’s with another couple, so I don’t think I’ll call her or do anything,” he explained.

In any case, Adriano Castillo said: “I know it will be fine. The only thing that interests me is that Beatrice is fine and they are taking care of her And she knows perfectly well that she can count on me, like all my exes, for any problem.

Regarding his current sentimental situation, Castillo said that while he is still single, this does not mean he is alone. touch and gocome and go. I’m like a hummingbird” he laughed and admitted.

Adriano Castillo and Beatriz Alegret confirmed their relationship ended in October 2021 in the midst of the pandemic.

“We ended our relationship a few months ago. Relationships frayed over the years Then one day we got to talking and decided to end the relationship,” he revealed.

I have so much to thank Beatrice, and I have so much to thank my former partners for. They all helped me and they were exceptional, so I can only thank them,” he assured.

Source: Biobiochile

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