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Alejandra Fosalva on Comparing Games of Illusions and Hidden Truths: “You Can See the Same Hands”



The actress was consulted about the initial criticism of the mega soap opera, in which various users pointed out similarities between the game of illusion and the hidden truth. Are you?” he asked.

Actress Alejandra Fosalva mentioned her soap opera fantasy game world Many comparisons with already extinct but remembered hidden truth.

in a conversation with 7 pagesthe interpreter said the fiction was “a very fine job, It makes us happy that people want to see us. ”

Similarly, she was also consulted Multiple comparisons with the popular Megatele series , hidden truthhas lived on since its January 16 premiere.

“They are the same screenwriter, The same hands stand out clearly, But it’s something completely different,” Fosalva is convinced.

He also added: “If people think they are the same, Does it matter? ” pointed out that what really matters is the harmony and popularity that the current bet has somehow had.

Fosalva plays Victoria, Mariana’s best friend.Her life takes a radical turn when her friend The truth about Mariana’s affair with her husband Julián comes to light.

so Mariana He begins plotting revenge against all traitors in turn, live the consequences of their actions.

Alejandra Fosalba and her experience with Hidden Truths

Fosalba was also part of the final season of Hidden Truths. She played Samanta after a fictional time jump Before her, it was played by Javiera Diaz de Valdes.

June 2022, and after nearly five years of airing, a temporary jump and pause due to the pandemic, hidden truth ended replaced by until i find you actual, fantasy game.

The fiction spans a total of 1128 episodes, Broadcast from 2017 to June 22, 2022 which is why it is considered the longest teleseries in the history of Chilean television.

The definitive episode left a series of milestones, marking the open ending of villains Gaspar and Mateo, the definitive union of Rocío and Tomas, and the bittersweet ending of Martina and Cristobal fleeing justice together.

Source: Biobiochile

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