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Miss Universe admits that she went almost 20 days without washing her hair in the finals



On January 15, American R’Bonnie Gabriel became Miss Universe in the 71st edition of the most important beauty pageant in the world.

Wearing a beaded black dress, R’Bonney took the reigns and looked radiant. However, what many people didn’t know is that the young woman hadn’t washed her hair or showered in about 20 days.

The 28-year-old designer revealed in an interview with Insider that she changed her hygiene habits to maintain her glamorous appearance during the competition.

“People think it’s funny because we came on stage nice and clean, but I felt really dirty going into the finals,” admitted Miss USA.

“I haven’t washed my hair since I came into his world on January 1,” she admitted, explaining that she hadn’t washed her hair in 19 days.

R’Bonney Gabriel said that at the beginning of the pageant she opted for a high updo, but then she decided to wear her hair down because she hadn’t washed it in weeks and the curls were easy to form.

As for the showers, the American commented that he didn’t shower every day during the competition so that he wouldn’t lose his cinnamon tan.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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