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Lisa Loring, the first actress to play Merlina from ‘Los Locos Addams’, has died



screenshot "Adam's family" (The Addams Family) ABC series.

“Los Locos Addams” (The Addams Family) ABC series screenshot.

Lisa Loring, the actress who played Marilyn in the first television series “Los Locos Addams” (The Addams Family), died at the age of 64 last week at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California. His death was due to complications from a stroke caused by high blood pressure, his daughter Vanessa Fumberg told The Hollywood Reporter.

“He went peacefully with his two daughters holding hands,” Vanessa said.

Loring’s most memorable role was undoubtedly that of the evil Addams daughter Merlina (Wednesday) in the 1964 ABC television series.

Although she played the role for only two years, her performance paved the way for future live-action portrayals of Marilyn, inspiring Jenna Ortega to play the Addams daughter in the hit Netflix series and creating her viral dance moves.

Lisa entered the Adams series when she was just five years old and learned to memorize lines from the script before she learned to read. The actor considered actors as a part of his family. “It was like royalty — you couldn’t have picked a better cast and crew,” he said in an interview at the 2017 Monsterpalooza convention.

About the Addams Family

The Addams Family television series was a live-action adaptation of Charles Addams’ New Yorker cartoons. It was a sitcom about an abnormal family with macabre interests and supernatural abilities, consisting of the wealthy and enthusiastic Gomez (John Astin), his loving wife Morticia (Carolyn Jones) and their children Marilyn (Lisa Loring) and Pericles (Ken Weathervox). ), plus other eccentric relatives.

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