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Pyrita ‘shuts down’ social network after criticizing government’s handling of bushfires



The singer has recently been the target of criticism after making statements to the government for fire control.

urban singer pyrita It has sparked controversy after issuing a strong statement to the government for managing forest fire control. Keep your social networks private.

at least it can be seen on his account Instagramis currently unpublished and cannot display photos or stories.

pyrita controversy

Pyrita had traveled to Cancun with her family to spend the holidays there. It was from there that he issued a strong criticism of the executive branch.

“With a few tweaks (sic), everything is on fire (…) Are they mad that I asked the government for help? The fires have been going on for days and now is the time for them to act. They wait for everything to burn out to take the necessary steps,” he noted in several stories.

Pyrita and her private Instagram

Over time, however, the urban singer backed off on his attitude and apologized to his followers for the exposed words.

“Put your pants on and apologize if you offended anyone. I am not Facho that they call me that way. I’m not with a political party and I’ve never liked politics,” he affirmed.

“When they interview me, I don’t know anything about politics, so they ask me not to ask. Perhaps I uploaded those stories and failed, so I sold it, I’ve spoken to the president who didn’t get there, if you get rid of the military, people will always see everything in their own way,” he added.

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