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Eugenio Derbes says he wants to get to know El Salvador



A video in which Eugenio Derbes claims that he wants to visit El Salvador has recently been circulated on social networks.

In a video that appears to have been recorded by a national content creator, the actor and director of “La Familia Peluche” greets Salvadorans and expresses his desire to get to know our country.

“Welcome to all residents of El Salvador, I really want to get to know El Salvador, I don’t know, so any invitation you have there will be welcome,” says the Mexican actor.

Some social media users have made a post combining this viral video with a clip recorded a few months ago by a YouTuber known as Chepe El Caballito. In this second video, Derbez admits that he has a special taste for pupusas, a typical Salvadoran dish.

“It’s that the pupusas are the net of the planet, the pupusa is the maximum,” the director of the film “No Pay” expressed in a video shot last year.

Based on these viral clips, Derbez followers are not ruling out that the Mexican comedian will visit the country in the coming months.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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