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Vina 1st from 2023: Alejandro Fernandez accused of singing drunk in Mexico



On February 21st, Alejandro Fernandez will have to take the Quinta Vergara stage for his show at Viña Festival 2023. Just days after the event, the Mexican singer was accused of performing a concert while intoxicated through a series of viral videos of him on the Internet. Some followers accused him of exposing himself to the public like that.

The controversy sparked a series of videos on the Internet blaming the Mexican singer Alexander Fernandez apparently to perform a concert in the city of Leon, Guanajuato intoxicated was criticized by some but justified by others.

El Potrillo, the son of the famous mariachi Vicente Fernandez, Vina del Mar Festival 2023 the evening of Tuesday, February 21.

Alejandro Fernandez would have gotten drunk and put on a show

The video posted on Twitter spread by word of mouth and became established on the Internet. It turns out that the record shows a specific moment from the 51-year-old singer’s last concert. Alexander Fernandez .

With the hashtag #Alcoholismo #Alcoholico, artistsinconvenient ”. In it, Fernandez is standing, with a constant shaking of his body and a strange gesture on his face.

Another TikTok video with 11 million views also captured his concert in León, where followers left a clear impression of him. intoxicated There are also comments such as “I want to cry when I see this” and “Why are you letting me appear on this stage”.

At this point, Alexander Fernandez Although he hasn’t spoken about it, he posted a photo on his official Twitter account, thanking him for the mentioned concert in Guanajuato, and is seen wearing a jacket with the image of his late father on it.

The youngest publication of “Charro de Huentitán” did not calm the waves among his fans. “Not Alexander. Nothing justifies your disrespect for the public who paid to see a prestigious show.
What a shame your show! It was a public fraud, ”the believer accused him.

Watch the video here:

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