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Madonna over critics of her appearance: The world is permeated by oldism and misogyny



She warned that the world refuses to honor older women

American musician Madonna, who found herself in the spotlight after the Grammy Awards for her altered appearance, attributed the (online) criticism to ageism and misogyny, adding that the world rejects older women.

On Sunday evening, the 64-year-old musician, herself the winner of numerous Grammys, announced the performance of the duet Kim Petras and Sam Smith, who previously won the Golden Gramophone for the best pop duet or group (for the song Unholy).

It is the first award-winning collaboration between a non-binary musician (Sam Smith) and a transgender singer (Kim Petras), which also prompted the Queen of Pop to choose, when she was offered the choice between announcing the winner of the album of the year and announcing the aforementioned duo’s performance, as she : “I wanted to award album of the year, but I chose the announcement of the first transgender woman to perform at the Grammys – a historic moment. And to top it all off, she won a Grammy!”

But instead of people paying attention to the turning point, everyone was only concerned with her appearance, the musician warned in the note: “Instead of focusing on everything I said in the speech, which was to thank intrepid artists like Sam Smith and Kim Petras, many talked only about the close-ups of my face taken from afar, with the telephoto lenses of photojournalists , which slander every face.”

“I’m caught up again in the ageism and misogyny that pervades the world we live in. A world that doesn’t want to honor women over 45 and that feels the need to punish her if she wants to continue to be independent, hard-working and adventurous, “ Madonna wrote. She added that she has never apologized for her artistic decisions or her appearance and that she does not intend to do so in the future.

“I’ve been humiliated by the media since the beginning of my career, but I see it all as a test. I’m happy to pave the way so that the women who come after me will have an easier job in the years to come,” wrote the always provocative musician and paraphrased the text Beyonce’s hits: “You Won’t Break Me.”

“I look forward to many years to come of revolutionary behavior, pushing boundaries, resisting the patriarchy and most of all enjoying life,“, Madonna concluded the record.

Source: Rtvslo

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