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‘Getting high’: Unpleasant reaction to a packed tvN reporter at a news show



The journalist chose to leave immediately upon the young man’s reaction and wish him a good trip.

live questions to people random For Notero, they are usually complicated. There are multiple factors that make it viral at the moment. It could be due to the question, the interviewee, or the answer.

This final scenario occurred this Sunday, resulting in an uncomfortable moment for journalists. 24hoursFull office from Sofía Carrizo, Estación Central, metropolitan region bus terminal.

This all happened when a news agency asked people where they were traveling for the last weekend in February.

In this context, he spoke to a young man who was asked where he was traveling. He replied that he was going to Kisco on the Valparaiso coast. .

“Are you going on vacation or do you live there?” Asked the journalist, the interviewee responded with an answer that immediately caused discomfort.no i’m gonna get high “, Said.

The journalist, at the young man’s words, chose to leave there immediately and wished him a good trip in order to continue his office for the newscast.

The Televisadamente account captured the moment and shared it on social networks.

Source: Biobiochile

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