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Ignacia Antonia explained what happened behind the criticized Vina’s office.



Via TikTok, the influencer described the back room of the Viña Festival’s shortest live office. The young businesswoman was convinced that this was a directive emanating from the production of the event.

net personality, Ignatia Antonia Participated as a behind-the-scenes reporter. Crane Festival And even though everything was going well, it wasn’t until Thursday night that he was filled with short and unnecessary criticism of the office. clarified.

was during the period Second to last day of competition Urban Singer Poryma West Coast TikToker took the stage from the artist’s dressing room to debut at La Quinta, where he hooked up with entertainers in the “Social Room” in a short office.

“And here, from Polly’s dressing room, he says he’s already on stage.” ’” he said, giving a shoulder gesture before closing his speech.

“I wish they would have paid me to say three words”; “They graduated a journalist with better ability and waited for an opportunity and sent this girl “From the dressing room, let me tell you, he’s not in the dressing room anymore,” were some of the comments he received.

Now, Ignacia Antonia is using her TikTok account to explain what really happened with the “moments that keep me humble” trend.

After attaching a capture of the moment while holding back a laugh, he explained: i didn’t mean to say Through the audiophone I brought here they said to me: ‘Repeat this’, And I was told about 50 times: “This is all I have to say.” Very good,” he said, giving a thumbs up.

After naming others “Moment to keep her humble” Ignatia Antonia concluded: “Don’t let me be stupid again, please, I don’t want another moment of humility.” .


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