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Tonka Tomic would have been sued for fraud by her mother-in-law, according to Laura Landaeta



According to a new preview of the book “Caso relojes Vip” by journalist and author Laura Landaeta, the TV presenter filed a lawsuit against her for fraud, which should have been brought by her stepmother. asserts that the wife of “Paribudo” would have tried to sell the car that was pledged.

In a preview posted on the website of interferencesigned by the author Laura Landaeta and Diego Ortiz TV personality Tonka Tomich mother-in-law will sue fraud .

a lawsuit would have been filed Maria Cecilia Rodriguez, late father, wife of José Mario Tomicic after noticing Tonka and her sister Mirella They would have sold their father’s property rights twice as collected 7 pages.

Some time later, María Cecilia Rodriguez realizes that she has been tricked by the sisters Tonka and Mirella. So at least that’s what the fraud complaint he filed with the Seventh Court of Guarantees in Santiago says,” the journalist contextualizes.

The woman was made aware of the crime by After reaching a sales agreement with my sister, I try to register the property in his name .

“The Santiago Real Estate Registrar informed him that: The property she claimed to own after signing the contract with the Tomisick sisters was not real ‘, says Randaeta and Ortiz.

Sisters Tonka and Mirela Tomicic no longer own these properties as they sold their inheritance rights to Eléctrica Arelec SPA, a company owned by Héctor Rodríguez Muñoz. to whom they gave part of the estate at a value of 300 million pesos paid in cash,” they add.

Fraud case against Tonka Tomich now will be investigating On the other hand, journalists say that cheerleaders He would also have had problems with Kaufman’s car dealership. .

Vehicles sold by Tonka Tomicic and Parived pledge

As the writer detailed, in 2020 Tonka Tomicic and Marco Antonio Lopez (known as Palivedo) would put their cheerleader’s luxury car up for sale. Husband’s debt repayment is the purpose .

but, “What Tonka didn’t seem to know was that his luxury car was pledged and required monthly payments.” Landaeta writes. Because of this, they would have tried to sell the car to a cheerleader’s cousin, the deal was executed, but Tomisik had a debt on the purchase credit that would have gone to judicial collection. .

“In protesting the 5 million pesos check, the cheerleaders tried to settle their current debt with Kaufman so it didn’t go to the judicial level.” they added. However, the company would not allow the car to be sold until the debt was paid off.

to this they added that “Despite some pointing out that the cheerleader’s cousin settled the debt, the sale was reversed so that the car could legally be transferred to his name.” During that time, the value of the vehicle rose to over P100 million.

Source: Biobiochile

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