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Daniela Aranguiz confirms Jorge Valdivia is in a relationship with Maite Orsini: ‘I didn’t know’



A “Zona de Estrellas” panelist assured that the two began their relationship when she was trying to resume her relationship with her ex-husband.

After announcing the big Daniela Aranguiz He finally made the live broadcast he promised this Sunday.

panelists via Instagram stories star zone he said: Tonight, I’m going live and I’m going to talk about many things, many foods, and many caffeine. I want to take off the mask of many people “, Began.

He added: “So many legislators pretending to be ‘feminachas’ and messing around with their husbands, it turns out that a friend goes to a friend’s house and clings to her husband when the friend is at work.” .

And finally he made it clear what he was going to do. Her ex-husband, soccer player Jorge Valdivia, allegedly had an affair with deputy deputy Maite Orsini .

“I hope they can have a good relationship. I hope that one day Jorge really changes and becomes a loyal man.” he said in a conversation with Cecilia Gutierrez.

this is, The athlete would have started his relationship with Orsini when he and Aranguiz were trying to resume their relationship. .

“I’m not here to hide this, Not as much as he thinks maybe (I) can be like his lover. I’m not going to put up with it. That’s the biggest slander I’ve ever experienced in my life. ‘ said the panelist.

Daniela Aranguiz said on social networks that she Speak with Lieutenant Maite Orsini, Orsini assures her that Jorge also lied to her : “I spoke to her on WhatsApp and told her: ‘I’m not going back to him’. Because I was the one who ended the relationship.” I was so confused that for years I thought I had changed ”.

He added: “He said I lied to him as much as I did. When I was in America with him, trying to go back, he talked to her (…) Orsini with Jorge I never thought we were dating. collected on page 7.

Source: Biobiochile

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