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For a few thousand to record with “Demon” of the band Kiss



fans are waiting for a series of interesting stories and a special gift

Legendary KISS bassist Gene Simmons is offering fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. At London’s Abbey Road studio this July, fans can record a performance of the iconic band’s song with him for just over five thousand.

Kiss is known for its marketing and sales innovation that changed the music world forever. From the countless merchandise featuring the band’s logo, to their public appearances that include painted faces, shock-rock and pyrotechnics, Kiss know how to make money. One of the freshest ideas of the band’s bass player Gene Simmons is a unique opportunity to collaborate with a legendary musician.

On July 10, in one of the most famous studios in the world, Abbey Road, for 5,656 euros, Simmons will be recording covers of Kiss songs with fans all day. In addition to a unique music recording, “Demon” promises the most loyal listeners a series of the most interesting stories of his career and a piece of the bassist’s private collection of thematic memorabilia.

They brand everything

The rock veterans completely changed the marketing concept of music decades ago by being the first to introduce the sale of various merchandise to their fans. From classic t-shirts to action figures, suitcases, comics and even condoms. The Kiss brand has grown into a multi-billion dollar business as a result.

The band’s branding went so far that the band’s bassist Gene Simmons tried to trademark the “devil’s horns,” a sign seen at virtually every rock concert. He popularized “horns” long before him Ronnie James Dioand she was the first to show them to the world Jinx Dawson from Coven. At the time, Simmons’ role was uncompromisingly denied.

Farewell tour
In December, the band announced the last dates of their farewell tour, Kiss will also stop at our southern neighbors and in Bavaria.

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