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Mono comedy It’s never too late to start the 31st Comedy Days in Celje



In SLG Celje between February 27 and March 12

The 31st Days of Comedy are starting at the Celje Theater, bringing eight comedy performances from the past season, six of which come from institutional theaters, three are one-act comedies, and only one was based on the original Slovenian text.

This year’s Comedy Days festival in SLG Celje Drevi opens with a performance Never it is not too late in produced by Kreker and SiTi of the theater BTC, and at the end of the festival on March 12, awards will be given for a noble performance, a noble one the directornoble comedienne and noble a comedian.

Selector Alja Devoted however, she watched 19 registered performances and a few more of her own choice. The selected performances will be evaluated by a jury, in who are the playwrights Evelin Bizjakthe director Tin Grabnar and director and actress Alena Kraigher.

Celje theater house with amphibian statusAccording to the selector, the choice of institutional theaters is important, as the festival does not have a large budget, so exchanges between theaters are important for it. Thus, for example, they can host the Ljubljana Drama, which later returns the visit with their own performance, she explained. At the same time, she reminded that she owns a theater in Celje in in contrast to the three national theaters – the Ljubljana and Maribor Drama and the Nové Gori Theater, which in it is fully financed by the state – together with the Ljubljana City Theater and the Slovenian Youth Theatre, it has the status of an amphibian, since the city municipality is the founder, and the state is the financier.

Comedy Days selector Alja Predan points out that this Celje festival does not have a large budget, so exchanges between theater houses are important to it.  Photo: BoBo

Alja Predan mentioned that as an interesting feature of this year’s selection, there are as many as three monocomedies among the selected performances, which she attributes to the creation of in during the epidemic. Out of the seven festival performances, only one was directed by a female director, while three are based on dramatic texts.

SNG Drama Ljubljana will compete with comedies at the festival The great dictator in directing Diego de Brea and Party in directing Ivice Buljanawhich were created based on the proposal of the films of the same name, and the City Theater of Ljubljana with the French boulevard Yasmine Reza God of Massacre in directed by de Brea and author’s projects Sebastian Cavazza Shakespearebased on the work of the British playwright Steven Berkoff Shakespeare’s villains.

Prešeren’s Kranj Theater participates in the festival with a socially engaged comedy Daria Foja All for free! All for free! in directing Come on Waltzand the Celje theater with a play William Missouri Downs Look at me! the director Luke Marcena.

He will also host the festival performance Mandic Circus (dressed)which was created in production You see Negatives and co-productions of Ljubljana Drama, and comedy Never it is not too late in SiTi production of the theater and Cracker. It is the only play based on the original Slovenian text signed by the two playwrights Jera Ivanc and co-author Žan Papič. Staging in directed by Marcena z Mojco Fatur in the main role of trees opens the festival.

The competition for the Noble Comedy Pen 2024 is already openViewers will choose this year as well comedienne or a comedian evening and voted for the best comedy of the festival. Awards the noble comedy pen will not be awarded this time, as the prize is biennial, but a public anonymous competition for an original Slovenian comedy for the noble comedy pen award 2024 is already open. The deadline for submitting texts is September 30.

Source: Rtvslo

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