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Margot Kahl and Jorge Hevia Returned to Animate Good Morning Everyone After 21 Years: There Was Certain Details



The animators gave “Let’s Go” to TVN’s morning new season, later making way for Maria Luisa Godoy and Eduardo Fuentes.

this monday Hi guys It’s off to an extraordinary start since two of its most prominent animators returned to the screen. Margot Karl and Jorge Hevia.

On this day, the drivers made a surprise start and showed us a new view of the program. TVN.

There were two more ‘retro’ details in this space. A mini version of the classic toy transit through Chile, The office of German Valenzuela.

In this sense, a remembering notary went before La Moneda and interviewed several people in connection with the end of the holiday.

After that, Maria Luisa Godoy and Eduardo Fuentes will become the program’s star animators in 2023.

good morning everyone start

Note that Margot Kahl and Jorge Hevia are now linked to TVN, albeit in separate television projects.

Communicators are now today we talk A program he shares with Yamira Reyna, Maria Elena Dressel and “Lady Ganga”.

For his part, Hevia is a member of the Sports Area, preparing to attend the broadcast of the Pan American Games in Santiago.

Source: Biobiochile

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