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Feminist film festival highlighting invisible and oppressed but tough women’s stories



3. FeFi takes place until Sunday in Ljubljana and Maribor and also online

Unlike the first two, the third edition of the Feminist Film Festival takes place not only online, but also live with screenings at GT22 in Maribor and Plac in Ljubljana.

We chose the venues in question because we want to emphasize the importance of autonomous spaces in Slovenia. At the same time, as an independent festival with little financial support, which we receive only from the municipality of Maribor, it is difficult for us to afford the non-commercial rental of venues in Ljubljana.said the co-organizer of the festival Jana Burger.

Feminist Film Festival (FeFi) symbolically began on March 8 and will conclude on Sunday, March 12. The Society for the Development of Film Culture Maribor, which organized the first feminist film festival in Slovenia in 2020, announced that the festival “looks and sees and favors the female gaze. It highlights the invisible, oppressed, marginalized, but tenacious women’s stories that shape and reshape the course of history.

A look back dedicated to the work of Emma KuglerProgram of the section Retro this year is dedicated to a multidisciplinary artist Amy Kugler, who works as a director, screenwriter, editor, scenographer and costume designer for the film. Co-organizer of the festival Jana Burger said that this year’s recipient of the Prešeren Lifetime Achievement Award was invited to the festival with the recognition that “multidisciplinary artist and representative of the independent scene“, and her films are very hard to miss due to their strong authorial stamp.

The festival presents Emma Kugler’s early works from the 90s of the last century. Five short video films (Hydra, Taiga, Station 95 and A visitor) is on display in GT22 and online, and in Ljubljana the films will be available to watch on Saturday, March 11, at 5 p.m. in I pay. After projection the author of the films will also join the conversation.

A scene from the documentary film Skiing Dreams, which was co-produced by Slovenia, Austria and Finland.  Photo: Kinodvor

Migrations in documentaries Heidi Chancellor and Nike AuthorAt this year’s festival, the section Now! focuses on the topic of migration and brings three topical documentaries from two prominent Slovenian film brands. Documentary A skiing dream directors Heidi Chancellor tells the story of the hopes of three young Afghan women who want to break free from the shackles of patriarchal society by becoming professional skiers and participating in the Olympic Games. But after arriving in Europe, a series of complications and disappointments followed, and accordingly the film went its own way.

Reviewer 670 and Outlook 2021 editors and cameramen Nike Author and they take us to the border forests, from where we have been hearing stories for the past decade that are the result of the violent European border regime.

Forecasting the future of filmmakingSection Freshlywhere female students of the Prague Film School of the Academy of Performing Arts present themselves (FAMU) and the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) and, according to the organizers, virtually predicts the future of female filmmaking. With fresh approaches, female filmmakers deal with the position of modern women and patriarchal oppression, and at the same time offer an insight into women’s communities characterized by solidarity, reciprocity, sincerity and support.

As Jana Burger also said, the organizers decided to keep the festival online as well, so that the films can be viewed by as wide an audience as possible. “So not only people who live in cities could come to eventsand not only those who can afford tickets,” she explained.

Source: Rtvslo

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