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‘They were focused on out-of-context comments’: Rigio detaches himself from supposed message to Valdivia



The singer and brother of Daniela Aranguiz, he did not consider his remarks about Follow Me and the Follow Me Program to be a message or advice to his ex-brother-in-law. I don’t want them to get me involved. Those are their two problems,” he said.

Chilean singer and producer Ligueo, brother of Daniela Aranguiz, wanted to refer to his own words after his statement, follow the program and follow you. ensure they are “out of context” after various media outlets confirmed that the artist had sent a message to footballer Jorge Valdivia.

in a conversation with MonthIn that chapter, he explained:I commented what I don’t do, I didn’t give advice or criticize anyone They are all adults and I am not the true owner of anyone. “

I don’t want them to involve me, that’s their two problems I just said I hope they heal his heart and that he will calm down with time,” he defended.

Likewise, he also launched criticism of how big the break between his sister and the athlete had become. especially after Both release statements accusing each other of abuse in the relationship.

“I have heard the news that someone has terminal cancer and it is devastating. Provide more likes and more press (seems to be) than a mother fighting for a transplant for her son,” he said.

Ligeo first words

Earlier this week, the musician spoke with the program follow me i will follow younot only assured that he had not yet contacted his sister, He stressed the importance of maintaining good relationships between parents for the benefit of their children.

“I’m not from public communication. I believe that when a family fails, you are still a family regardless of the fact that you have parents who have to separate. Put your hands on your heart so think Don’t attack a child’s mother.” he said.

The difference was that last sentence Users and media claimed it was a message to Valdivia according to his announcement of legal action against his ex-partner.

Source: Biobiochile

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