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‘I had a lot of trust’: ex-manager adamantly accused of stealing $500,000 from him, who defended himself



The urban singer alleged that his former representative would have stolen $500,000 after signing a distribution deal. was spent and assured that he was still in debt in this regard, even though he no longer worked with the artist.

$500,000 in total, About 400 million Chilean pesos says the urban artist Are standing that his former manager would have stolen from him. This was stated in an interview with Peruvian radio station La Zona.

According to a video posted on his TikTok account, the artist said: I don’t know if it’s for money or fame, but people change sometimes. I’m a good person at heart, so maybe I trusted him a lot. “He answered whether it was true that he had been robbed.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened in his mind. The mind is intact, the desire to fight, the energy and whatever happens, the lost or lost money will be restored,” he added.

Standley added that unlike money, friendships and relationships do not recover. “There he lost his chance of life.” he argued.

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Reaction of ex-manager of Standly

However, the defendant defended himself through Instagram, where he released images of forms containing expenses made with the allegedly stolen money.

Nicholas Moreno, former president of Urban Artists known on social media as ice d writes: $1 million distribution deal The money in question. Camilo Paredes (Standly’s name) accuses me of a $500,000 robbery. Each peso of that money is in the public account attached to this statement. It reflects the investment in Standley’s career and the cost of his personal life ”.

To this he added:made a mistake that must be fixed Managing an artist’s cost of living and his music career was difficult for me, leading to an economic cycle that resulted in debt to workers and producers. ” he admitted.

Nicholas Romero added: he had to sell his property to pay off the outstanding debt .Despite the fact that all the money I am accused of stealing was invested in the artist’s career and life, I take responsibility for my mistakes by admitting and paying back the outstanding payments. ” Said.

Source: Biobiochile

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