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Kaiser Karl: Daniel Brühl will portray fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld in the American series



Let’s hope that Daniel Brühl’s sunglasses and ponytail suit him: in the new series Kaiser Karl, which is already being filmed for Disney+ in France, Monaco and Italy, he will portray the iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

In six episodes, the miniseries will document Lagerfeld’s rise through the ranks of Parisian haute couture in the 1970s centuries. In 1972, when Yves Saint Laurent reigned on the throne of haute couture, the then 38-year-old German Karl Lagerfeld decided he would become “the most famous French fashion designer”. In his career he was creative head of fashion houses Chanel and Fendi and at the head of his own brand.

One of the red threads of the story will also be the rivalry between Lagerfeld and Saint Laurent’s partner, Pierre Bergeand the second is the designer’s love story with Jacques de Bascher. In addition to clan rivalries and giants of egos there will be a sequel thematized also decadence, tragic love affairs and friendships that are marked Lagerfeld’s life. They will receive special attention queer subculture and glamorous Parisian fashion scene.

The “artistic genius” at the helm of the series is a French director Jérôme Salle (Kompromat, TotemsZulu); he will direct episodes 1, 2 and 6. The remaining three will trust the rising star Audrey Estrougo.

In addition to Daniel Brühl, who is one of the most internationally recognized German actors, there will be other performers Théodore Pellerin (as Jacques de Bascher), Arnaud Valois (like Yves Saint Laurent), Alex Lutz (as Pierre Bergé) and Agnès Yaoui (like Gaby Aghion, founder of the Chloé brand and Lagerfeld supporter).

As side characters they will appeared also many prominent personalities of the 20th century. centuriesfor example Marlene Dietrich (Sunny Meles), Paloma Picasso (Jeanne Damas), Loulou de la Falaise (Claire Laffut) and Andy Warhol (Paul She washes). More than 2,200 extras will appear in Kaiser Karl, they have to build more than 40 sets and assemble three thousand costumes – of which 160 will be completely new.

In October of last year, it was also confirmed that a biographical feature film, in which the designer should play Jared Leto. However, the project is still in such an early stage that it does not yet have a director.

Source: Rtvslo

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