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Sharon Stone: I lost custody of my son because of the scene in Primal Instinct



The actress is still hurt by some of the reactions to the role

Sharon Stone says she lost custody of her son because of a judge’s prejudice after the judge in her 2004 divorce case asked her then four-year-old son if he knew his mother made “sex movies.”

In the podcast Table for Two is said her role was in a psychological thriller Paula Verhoeven In 1992, primal instinct was “used as a weapon” against her in a custody battle for her son Roanawhich she adopted in 2000 with her husband at the time Phil Bronstein. “I lost custody of my child. When the judge asked my child, my little boy, “Do you know that your mother makes sex films?” That’s how the system can abuse you – to judge you as a parent because of the film I made.”

“Nowadays you can easily watch people walking around completely naked on TV, but in The First Instinct you might see something that could be my naked area for a sixteenth of a second, and you lose custody of the child. Are you kidding me?” continued the 64-year-old actress, who had in mind the infamous scene where she crosses her legs during the interrogation, while not wearing underwear.

In the end, the judge only granted Ston the right to visit her son, who is 22 years old today.

The judge’s decision also contributed to her being hospitalized for heart problems a few months later, she claims. “It broke my heart. It literally broke my heart,” she said.

The actress with her son Roan in Cannes in 2021. Photo: AP

The ridicule of her colleagues hurt her

Although Sharon Stone has a rich career behind her, she has never shaken off the mentioned scene in The First Instinct, for which she remains most famous. The actress remembers how much it hurt her when her fellow actors laughed out loud at the 1993 Golden Globe Awards when her name was among the nominees.

“It was terrible. I was so humiliated. Do people even realize how difficult it was to play that role? How painful? How scary? Trying to be the protagonist of this complex film that broke all the boundaries and against which everyone protested. And all that pressure. I auditioned for this role for nine months. They offered the role to 13 other people, and now you’re laughing in my face. I would rather hide in a hole.”

Last year, she published a book of memoirs entitled The Beauty of Living Twice (The Beauty of Living Twice), in which she again reiterated her belief that Verhoeven had tricked her into revealing a bit of her crotch in said scene, saying she had no idea they would use the entire frame until she was at a screening of the film with agents and lawyers. “That’s how I saw a video of my vagina for the first time, long after I was told that nothing was visible and that I had to take off my panties because the light would reflect on the white and it would be clear that I was wearing them.”

The actress apparently walked into the screening room and rubbed Verhoeven’s bold earlobe. The 84-year-old Dutch director insisted throughout that his main actress consented to the nudity.

Source: Rtvslo

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