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Who is Ashley Johnson?: The actress who played Ellie in the video game sees the end of The Last of Us



The actress who played “Ellie” in the video game appears in the series as an important character in the protagonist’s past.

We are just a few days away from the final chapter of the first season of . Last of Usis an HBO Max series inspired by 2013 video games and continuing the 2023 startup trend. Actress Ashley Johnson, who played Ellie in the game, will also be part of this story.

And that is that due to the development of the video game, it wasn’t exactly a girl after the original Ellie’s voice and movements. Ashley Johnson was 29 when she played the character, and a decade later she’s no more and no less than Ellie’s mother. in series.

His participation was already known, but it wasn’t until this week that HBO revealed some of the first images of the character, showing a past where Ellie was about to be born in the midst of this apocalyptic world. was.

The first appearance predicts a complicated situation in which Ellie’s mother finds herself shortly before giving birth, but details of the plot of the chapter called “Finding the Light” are unknown.

Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker in the series

Ashley Johnson wasn’t the only video game original to have her place in the series. In Chapter 8, Troy Baker himself could have been considered “James.” A person who belongs to the sect of David.

and that’s it It was Baker who gave Joel life. In the video game production, it was he who performed his movements and voice, although he does not bear much of a physical resemblance to the character, but his appearance was later changed, and in the series, Tusk played Pedro Pascal fell into

The actor, who is also a musician, received widespread recognition for his role as Joel when it was released. Last of Us In 2013, critics gave it an award, citing Ellie’s Guardian as one of the best-written characters in video games.

You should remember the following: The final chapter of the series’ successful first season will air on Sunday, March 12th at 10pm in Chile. Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay through the HBO Max streaming platform and HBO cable signal.

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