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Luis Genecco admitted to attacking his ex-wife in 2021: ‘I ruined the supermarket’



The national actor referenced a domestic violence complaint filed against him by his ex-wife after he assaulted her in 2021.

“I have difficulty speaking, so something happens to me.” began to say the actor behind Fernando Kaladima. Kaladima Forest, Louis Jecco about him Episodes of domestic violence he committed against his ex-wife .

The actor was slammed by his ex-partner in 2021. attacked her after a fight At the time, his wife’s attorney, Gnecco, said: “He grabbed her by the neck, pushed her into the kitchen and pushed her against the wall, where she hit the victim on the head.” .

Everything would have happened after the woman arrived at her apartment, the actor waiting for her with their common youngest son after Gnecco picked him up at school. His ex-wife’s delay would have caused the interpreter’s ire .

now in the new chapter God’s foodthe artist mentions the episode for the first time and also recognizes his role as the attacker.

“I was already separated. Over two years of separation and we had an argument. That was a mistake. It was really shit from start to finish. he affirmed before the question of Journalist Marilyn Perez . “This happened, it was assault, she decided to report it.” he added.

Behind this He claimed he ‘betrayed’ his ex-wife’s trust and their children, and Make sure that episode had an emotional impact on you .

“I ruined the super. You find yourself failing, failing, and failing. Well, who else can get you out of there?” ‘” Gnecco said, adding that this is exactly the reason behind his ‘reinvention’, all to support his son and be able to pay off his debts.

Chapter of God’s food It airs this Saturday and will be attended by singers Javiera Mena and Marcos Lunas, in addition to the actor and former journalist.

Source: Biobiochile

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