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Javiera Mena remembers embarrassing presentation with Alejandro Sanz at Viña: ‘I studied but I was fast’



The national singer assured that in that case she had studied the songs of the Sands.The Spaniards took the situation with humor.

Javiera Mena be the next chapter food of the gods, There he talks about various aspects related to his career.The singer addresses her controversial presentation Alejandro Sanz of Vineyard 2016.

That time the Chileans were invited to sing along with the Sands broken heart I didn’t know all the lyrics on stage.

“At the time, it was really hard for me because it was happening and I didn’t understand anything. invited me to sing the Corazon Partio of ‘. Nothing, forgot the lyrics”, display in the program.

“I studied and it was very fast. They told me the day before. The worst thing is that I pretended to know it, Kachai. So… (I hummed and sang everything),” she added.

At another point, the artist claimed that the public reaction was poor, but that the Spanish interpreter took the situation well.

“How funny it was, we laugh and shit. We got on and suddenly got off and it was cool I grabbed my phone and 8,000 twitter notifications and there’s a lot of people throwing bad vibes at me and others being good to me Threw vibes,” he commented.

Regarding the end, Javiera Mena indicated that he had his main show in front of a reggaeton audience the next day.

“We played between Don Omar and Wisin y Yandel. The audience was absolute reggaeton. I did a show there with 15 women doing contemporary dance. Don was in the front row. I remember people from Omar’s fan club looking at me like that (seriously, arms crossed), when I got off they gave me two seagulls, so I did,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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