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Chiky BomBom on recovery and TV appearances: ‘I’m hungry for success’



An influencer from the Dominican Republic known for “Buenas buenas!” He talked about what the food experiments were like and talked about his recovery.

On March 13th, the program will premiere in Latin America top chef VIP, a cooking-oriented reality show that brings together different personalities from TV and the Internet.Among them are influencers After his transformation and recovery, Chiky BomBom returned to networks and even reached television .

In a conversation with BioBioChile, she commented on her new facets as a cook and some of her programs so far. “I’m not afraid of anything and I cook the basics so everything is new but nothing basic is cooked here. The judges are great and they expect one of the best of the best. We all want to reach the final. “

Similarly, social media celebrities shared their screens with other personalities, including actors and musicians, and said, “Everyone has a unique and spectacular story…you.”

Regarding the challenges of this new stage, she also commented that the hardest part was fighting with herself.The biggest challenge was controlling emotional intelligence. There were a lot of moments where I was nervous, not with my teammates, but with myself. There are so many moments where I wonder, feel unattainable, and have opportunities to work on myself in the same kitchen,” he noted.

Chiky BomBom: “I’m the best”

Chiky BomBom was impressive after the changes to her body as a result of gastric sleeve surgery a few weeks ago. Dominican influencers have shared some of their processes on their social networks and also talked about topics like mental health and self-improvement.

After battling depression and working hard to improve his health, he claims to be feeling great today, but finds it hard to admit.I feel like I’m at my best, and I’m a little scared to say it, but I’m at my best not only professionally, but emotionally and personally. Having gastric sleeve surgery completely changed my life and changed a lot of the habits that were hurting me.”

“Now I am taking care of my body and my body is my temple. So I made a decision to change my life. It feels good, I’m happy, I’m happy, don’t forget your previous self in the same essence, but for my health I have changed a lot,” he added.

In the same way, she spoke to her followers and other women who may have been through a similar process.First, if you are suffering from depression, you should accept it and seek professional help.Then learn to fight without power Never stop believing in your girl.

“If you can’t understand and accept yourself for who you are, you’re not going to succeed. Believe in yourself and take it on. prize. I am hungry for success. I believe that all young people out there, especially girls, understand that anything they set out to do can be achieved. ‘ he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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