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“The Mirror of the Criminal”: Carlos Pinto Surprises Audiences with Appearance in “Alma Negra”



Carlos Pinto’s new TVN film Alma Negra, a story starring actress Ana Luz Figueroa (Sucupira, Iorana), debuted this Thursday.

This Thursday he made his debut on tvN “black soul” the new fiction series of Carlos Pinto this time presented an infamous innovation: the inclusion of his own person in plot passages.

The first chapter, inspired by real events, stephanie , a woman whose thirst for revenge leads her to plan a horrific crime against her family.The leading role fell to a famous actress Ana Luz Figueroa (“Sucupira”, “Iorana”).

It is in this context that the story takes place, when Estefania was alone, Pinto broke into her house to come face to face with the protagonist.

Looking in the mirror, Estefania noticed her presence and went to the presenter and said: “She is my mother, but I must admit that subconsciously I held a certain amount of hatred for her. I warned him not to treat my father badly, And he did.” he pointed out.

Carlos Pinto in "Black Soul"

“And what are the thoughts?” asked Focus. “My mother wants war and she’ll get it. I’m not going to sit idly by. And I think she’ll be first on the list,” he replied. “It makes me want to kill that old piece of shit.” he added.

Attention was drawn to the appearance of Pinto on SNS, and various responses were received. For many, the fact that he embodied the character’s “conscience” was a plus for the debut of “Alma Negra.”

“There is a difference between Mea Culpa and El Día Menos Pensado. First of all, the format is different, because here we are talking about a series, that which tries to get into the mind of a criminal with the desire to find an explanation. It’s also for the content, police and medical nature but also for the viewer to reflect on something or learn more.

“Alma Negra sees me as a mirror for criminals, expressing their most despicable intentions.” he added. Check out some of the reactions his look left on social networks here:

Source: Biobiochile

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