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The life of Frank Sinatra will be performed on theater stages



Joe DiPietro and Kathleen Marshall are producing

Hits such as Come Fly with Me, My Way and New York, New York will reverberate across Birmingham. In September, the premiere of the first official musical about the life of one of the most influential musicians of all time, Frank Sinatra, will take place there

The musical will mark the 70th anniversary of Sinatra’s visit to Birmingham, where he performed in 1953 as part of a UK tour. The singer’s daughter Tina Sinatra she believes that the musical will illuminate her father’s life in a new light. “I’m very proud of our new musical production and I’m especially excited to give you a look at Dad that you’ve never seen before,” she told the BBC.

The text for the musical was written by an American Joe DiPietro, which is famous for musicals Memphis and What’s New Pussycat?. He cooperates with the director in the production Kathleen Marshallwho, among other things, directed musicals The Pajamas Games and Anything Goes to the music Cola Porter. So DiPietro like Both Marshalls were awarded in the past with to tony.

The musical will show how Sinatra became a legend

“When I was growing up, there were two pictures hanging in my grandmother’s kitchen – the Pope and Frank Sinatra. So to hear Tina Sinatra’s stories about her father that no one else knows and bring them to the stage – I think it will allow for an unexpected and exciting a new musical,” it is DiPietro commented on Sinatra’s influence on his childhood.

The director of the musical explained that they wanted “to create a theater evening that will be equal parts stylish, sophisticated and elegant like Sinatra, with glorious music from the American songbook”. The musical will show how Sinatra became a legend. His starting point will be New Year’s Eve in 1942, when he was like The 27-year-old is about to step on the stage of a New York theater Paramountin order to perform a performance that will be important for his career, reports STA.

The first official musical about the life of Sinatra

As his career begins to take off, Sinatra struggles to find a balance between life with his wife Nancy and “the demands and temptations of being the most popular singer in the US”, the content of the musical was described in press materials. After a relationship with a movie star Ava Gardner sales of Sinatra’s records stopped, and the media turned against him, which, according to the producers of the musical, required Sinatra “the biggest comeback in the history of the entertainment industry”.

The show, which will be on in Birmingham until the 28th. in October, will be the first official musical about the life and work of Sinatra. The creative team behind it hopes to replicate the success of other productions based on the lives and careers of famous musicians. Among them are among the most popular musicals Thriller – Live o to Michael Jackson, Beautiful o Carol King and Tina o Tina Turner.

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