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Drevišnja christening performance of the drama based on the text by Tomislav Zajac

Mrs. Dalloway, created by Tomislav Zajec based on Virginia Woolf’s novel, is coming to the stage of the Ljubljana Drama, but it is not a dramatization of the novel, but the original text. Maša Derganc plays both Virginia Woolf and Clarissa Dalloway.

Christening performance of the play Mrs. Dalloway in directing Peter Petkovšek will be trees at 8 p.m in Little Drama. Repeats follow on March 13, 14, 17, 18, 25 and 27.

Virginia Woolf in the novel, which was published in 1925, describes a metropolitan day five years after the end of the First World War. Despite the seeming lightness of a hot summer day, when Clarissa Dalloway is preparing a house party, she echo wars again and again is pushing in her thoughts in comprehensive experience Septimus Smith, who in he carries with him a particularly intense experience of war. He survived the war, but did not return home like winner, but like a deeply psychologically and mentally wounded person.

Through his dramatic text, Tomislav Zajec (1972) also talks about unfulfilled longings and the eternal search for meaning.  Photo: SNG Drama Ljubljana/Marija Gašparović

On the threshold of a new era of the European novelThe novel Mrs. Dalloway is considered one of those literary works that heralded a new era of the European novel. Multi-awarded Croatian dramatist and playwright Tomislav Zajec described the work like very complex, according to him, it can be read in very different ways and many different keys to interpretation can be sought.

For Zajc, the most interesting insight now is the one that came back to him from the past when he like a high school student read a novel for the first time. At that time he understood nothing about the world and realized that there was a novel about a woman who also understood nothing about the world. At the same time, he realized that it is a universal experience and that every person is trying to find a place in the world. In this sense, he found it interesting to bring in the character of Virginia Woolf in a dramatization in which he started precisely from the duality between the author, who tries to understand the world, and her character, who lives in this world, but does not understand it in the least.

Photo: Peter Uhan/SNG Drama Ljubljana

The new dramatic text was created by agreement with the Ljubljana Drama. According to the headmaster of Drama Always Jurce Tadel Zajec took up the challenge with an extraordinary swing creativity and great inventiveness.

A drama created from a monolithic and dense novelistic mixturePlaywright Eva Kraševec she said she had a novel “incredible structure, complexity that is difficult to get through, but it turned out that Zajec intuitively, experientially knew how to find a way to these topics that touch us now,” she said. The play has a three-part structure, which does not follow the structure of the novel, which, according to the playwright, is a monolithic and dense mixture. The dramatic text was translated from Croatian by Seta Knop. According to her assessment, the dramatic text is, on the one hand, roughly anchored in to the text of Virginia Woolf, according to the second, he withdraws from it in a very subtle way.

Director Petar Petkovšek was attracted by the content parallels between the time when the novel was created and today’s time. Although almost a century has passed in between, which has brought, among other things, technological progress and some changes in relationships, we are human in still very similar to their base. In his opinion, Virginia Woolf’s book is extremely relevant and modern, it is one of the modern classics that resonates every time and experiences countless interpretations from all possible angles.

In a stylistic-formal sense, Petkovška was attracted to the challenge of how a modernist novel, which uses the flow of thought, internal views within the characters, which then move out of the character in character, from time in time, from fiction in reality, put on stage. And here, as he said, he appears concept waves, which is very present in this writer. They tried to get in through it”through the material, in material and go on stage with it. (…) We were looking for how to establish these different worlds, times and characters in a way all at the same time and at the same time each one individually, so that they wander to each other, to carry us away a little in modernity and back in Virginia and Clarissa Dalloway,” said the director.

Maša Derganc said that the role of Virginia Woolf was a great responsibility for her from the very beginning, as the author is extremely dear to her.  Photo: Peter Uhan/SNG Drama Ljubljana

Ob Maši Derganc in the shows are still playing Saša Tabakovic, Uroš Fürst, Saša Mihelčič, Vojko Zidar, Gorazd Logar, Iva Babić and Saša Pavlin Stošić.

He signs the scenography of the play Sara Slivnikcostume design Gordana Bobojevicauthor of the video and assistant director is Urban Zorkothe author of the music is Peter Žargistage movement consultant Klemen Janežičdesigner of light Andrej Hajdinjakand the lector Arko.

Source: Rtvslo

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