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“Everything everywhere at once” is a big favorite



Rudy Angel, film commentator.

Rudy Angel, film commentator.

Oscar talk is always exciting, and this year the Academy nominated 10 films that represent the world of cinema very well, from semi-biographical films like Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans; musicals like “Elvis”; Black comedies like “Triangle of Sadness” and blockbusters like “Top Gun: Maverick” or “Avatar: The Sense of Water”, don’t forget indies like “everything everywhere at the same time”.

It is the latter that is the favorite due to its 11 nominations, although this is not the rule, as we saw in 1994 with Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple, which went home without an Oscar with 11 nominations; Or “The Godfather III” in 1990, with eight nominations and no awards.

However, “Everything Everywhere” is my favorite because it’s a different movie with a solid performance, even though it’s sci-fi mixed with comedy, it’s an interesting candidate as a recent Oscar. Spielberg will win in the best director nomination.

Its direct competitor is The Fablemans, a semi-biographical drama from the same director, Steven Spielberg, which was considered a favorite at the beginning of the awards season, but then fell back to take second place.

In third place I have to name “All Quiet on the Front”, a film seen from the perspective of the losers of the First World War, an already familiar but interesting story with the Netflix stamp and excellent sound. He’s also a foreigner, details the academics don’t like, but nine nominations mean he has a chance. I don’t think it will win best film, but it will win best international film.

We are going to determine everything this Sunday, March 12, at the award ceremony.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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