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Tais Jordan assaulted with 2-year-old son on way to Gala de Vina: subject released



Model said a man offered to help her when the car stopped, but was immediately robbed of her jewelry and money. said.

Model Tais Jordan recounted the terrifying afternoon she went through at the premiere of the Viña del Mar Gala on February 17th. After being robbed while traveling with my 2-year-old son in Valparaiso.

Saving MonthJordan told it It all happened while he was traveling to Viña del Mar to meet his partner Ivan Nunez. However, her travel application went wrong and the model ended up in Valparaíso.

“When I entered some streets, the car stopped like it was stuck in stone. A man came out who said he was going to help.” are counted.

However, instead of helping, the subject said, “I got into the car with the intention of moving it, but He pulled out my wallet from the passenger seat, a watch, a ring and some money. ” .

“I just realized, I had my son in my arms, but I preferred not to confront him. I didn’t know if he was armed,” he explained.

frightened by the situation He went to the sector house he allowed to enter to move his son A tow truck then took charge of picking up the vehicle.

Despite the bitter moments, Jordan attended a night party with journalists and later filed a complaint with PDI. He didn’t want to comment on the bad moment until he learned he was released, despite the fact that the man had admitted to the crime.

According to Jordão’s attorney, Giovanna Guzmán, after that setback:Filed a complaint which was granted this Thursday By the Court of Guarantee in Valparaiso,” they are awaiting an interview with the public prosecutor in this case.

“Man He first mentioned that he has a watch and a ring. Then he changed the version: he said they were stolen. He has police records. ” Added Pro.

Objects that Thais Jordan wants to recover from theft

According to Jordão, the rebels took over 80,000 pesos in cash, three gold rings, a Rolex watch and another Technos, and jewelry.

“I would like to recall a Technos brand watch, especially from the Lady Diamond model. What my ex-mother-in-law inherited from me acknowledged the model and also ensured that the gem had sentimental value. “I feel great affection for her” .

“(She was) a fine woman. She was very humble at first and owned a notary office in São Paulo before she died,” she said.

Source: Biobiochile

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